Neil P. George - Writer/Director/Producer


Neil is the producer and director of the award winning film ‘After the Sewol’. He was raised in Exeter, England and has been living in South Korea since 2011 teaching film production and producing documentaries related to Korean society. The producer and director of over 100 TV programmes for Sky in the 2000’s he took the decision to move to Korea when offered an opportunity to teach documentary production at a media university near Seoul and has been there ever since.

After moving to Korea he took great interest in the society and culture and found a passion for human rights film making. He produced the award winning film, ‘While they Watched’ (2014/15), a film about North Korean defectors and after this he went onto to co-direct and produce the film, ‘Beyond the Picture; The story of Sohn Kee Chung’, a film about Sohn Kee Chung, the marathon runner who won the 1936 Berlin Olympic gold medal and the only gold medalist, to date, to never hear his own national anthem played whilst standing on the podium.

After completing this in late 2015 he moved onto produce and direct the award winning documentary, ‘After the Sewol’ (2017) and has now spent the last 2 years working on ’After the Sewol’ and ‘Crossroads’ his latest film related to the Sewol tragedy.

More information about Neil can be found at the Cinetonic website.

Han Kyul Kim - Producer


Han Kyul is an independent film maker and an activist based in Korea. He worked as an Assistant Director in Yeon Doo Jung’s (a media artist) “Handmade Memories”, Chief media director in Travel University and numerous commercial projects. He was working on a personal documentary project about Korean politics and safety issues before joining the “CROSSROADS” project.

More information about Han Kyul can be found at the BearxOwl website.

Levi Patel - Composer & Sound designer


With two solo records released to glowing reception, and a full-length album on the way,
New Zealand’s Levi Patel is finding his standing as one of the country’s most promising
composers. The 25-year-old holds a passion for crafting musical pieces that delicately reflect an
emotional intensity that is both gentle and captivating.

Levi has a fascination with the sound and recording process, which has encouraged him to
pave his own compositional path in exploring rich textures - harnessing live instrument
recordings as an integral element of his sound. His passion for arrangement echoes throughout the diversity of his work. From intimate, solo piano to expansive and climactic soundscapes formed of layered voices and strings, Levi’s music has an encapsulating quality that speaks across his varied releases.

More of Levi's music can be heard at his website and Soundcloud pages below.

Matthew Root - Producer


Matthew is a sound designer turned director who has worked on numerous productions since moving to South Korea in 2011. He completed 'After the Sewol' with Neil in 2017 and has also worked with clients such as Reebok, Angle Magazine, The Daegu Compass and The Discovery Channel. In 2014 Matthew worked as a DP for a feature documentary about the disputed Dokdo.